About us

About us

At Graceville Uniting Church, our desire is to live and explain the Christian faith with as much clarity, authenticity and relevance as we can. We long to be able to shine the light of Christ into all the world so everyone can know Jesus better and become more like him.

We get that it can feel a little weird to walk into a church. You’re meeting a whole bunch of new people, you may not be used to singing in public, unfamiliar words are often used and, worst of all, everyone else seems to know what’s going on!

So why do we do this thing called “church”?

Jesus’ teaching demands that our values are different from the ‘way things normally are.’ Noticing God at work in our lives, seeing and treating people with genuine dignity, and caring about the world enough to try and make a positive difference in it are all key values that motivate us.


We meet on Sundays at 9 am and 6 pm.

Our 9 am is a family-friendly time of celebration and worship. We include children’s time in our worship, as well as offering a Kids’ Church program for our younger primary aged children to participate in material catering to their learning styles.

At 6 pm a smaller group gathers which we call DIG: Disciples in God. This group explores issues effecting us in every day life and the dynamics of living lives of faith. We chat over a meal, usually pizza, filling our spirits as we fill our stomachs! We would love you to join us, but let us know you are coming so we can order you some food.

Our Pastor

Simon Gommersall

For the second half of 2021, Simon Gomersall will be employed half-time at both Graceville Uniting and Trinity College Queensland. Simon has previously worked as a high school teacher, youth worker, school chaplain (Somerville House), pastor (Toowong Uniting) and lecturer (Trinity College Queensland). He has post-graduate qualifications in education and theology from QUT, Flinders University and Oxford University.

His family are the great delight of his life, along with reading, tennis, cricket, old Landrovers and helping people figure out how to embody their faith in missional living. Simon and Selena have just moved back to Graceville (having lived in the area for 10 years previously) and are looking forward to serving both the church and the wider community.

If you’d like to chat with Simon, please get in touch.